Civil & Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Arthur Yap


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Growing up, Arthur aspired to pursue a career helping people and changing their lives. When medical school did not happen, he found himself in a chemical engineering course where he soon learnt that the subject was really more about physics (which he detested) than it was about chemistry (which he enjoyed). Before long, he became convinced that his future lay elsewhere and law school soon beckoned.

Fast forward till today and Arthur has realised his aspiration albeit in a different form. Being the voice of reason that his clients rely on to rationalise their position and thoughts when facing a conflict, Arthur personifies passion tempered by objectivity. His focus is on people-centered diagnosis to prescribe insights geared towards effective resolution.

When he is not strapping up for a fight in the courtroom, this loving father of two and family man enjoys killing time and his virtual enemies in a much bloodier arena – PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Arthur also enjoys good conversations over food and drinks. Being a straight talker, with him, what you see is what you get. And for those who have seen him advocate or cleaning out his plate, it will be clear that this man has got guts.