Private Client & Family Law

Kannan Nadarajan


6228 0321

Kannan is your friendly neighbourhood boy who defied expectations and became a lawyer. He started his legal career in family law, both Civil and Syariah. After a two-year exploration of different legal areas, Kannan found himself drawn back to his passion – helping families navigate complex situations.

Kannan, with his background in both the heartlands and the elite circles of his university friends, offers down-to-earth guidance and a supportive presence to his clients as they navigate challenging emotional times.

When he's not catching up with friends over a Guinness or cheering (or maybe groaning at) Manchester United, Kannan enjoys spending quality time with his family. A devoted paw-rent to a ten-year-old Singapore Special and two playful domestic-shorthaired cats, you might even spot him at local animal events as a paw-rent volunteer.

Kannan is of Indian-Chinese heritage and is fluent in English and Mandarin.